Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wedstrijdreglement

Rules of the RKMSV Under 15 Tournament 2017



All teams have to enlist themselves latest 30 minutes before the opening ceremony. The ceremony will start at 10:30 a.m. Each team has to be ready five minutes before kick-off of their own matches.


To participation to the tournament is for players born on/or after 01-01-2002. An acception for the players off the Peel en Maas United team. The players for this region team can participate when they’re born on/or after 01-01-2001. A list with names and birthdates must be handed out at the tournament secretariat.

Play time

All games last 2 x 15 minutes. Official Dutch football association referees will lead the games. They will be assisted by linesman who are choosen by the tournament organization.

Before the match there will be a official “handshake” for all the players, staff and referees.

Rules depending on points

Groupmatches are played by a half competition. The winner of the group is the team whick has gained the most points. With a tie, apply the following rules in order of appearance:

  • The mutual result
  • Goal difference
  • Team which scored the most goals

When there is no definite answer then penalties will be taken. (*).

In the Knock-out fase, all matches ending with a tie are decided by penalty shootout to obtain a winner. So no extra time will be played, except in the final. By a draw their will be first 2 x 5 minutes extra time before a penalty shoots take place.

*Penalty shoutouts:

Penalty shoutouts must be taken by five different players who are in the field at the end of the final whistle. If the decision has not fallen after this range, then the penalty shoutouts serial is going to be continued with players who haven’t taken a penalty (substitutes excluded). A player can take a second penalty if all players have taken there shot, including the goalkeeper.


Each team can change five field players and one goalkeeper every game. The moment a player is substituted, he may not be back in the field (on going changes are not permitted).

Substitutions may only during a stoppage together with the authorization of the referee.


Each team participating the tournament has to bring spare shirts. The team who is named first will play in their regular home kit. The team named second has to adjust their kit accordingly.

Disciplinary sanctions

  • A player who receives a yellow card, will be excluded immediately five minutes of entering the field.
  • A second yellow card means red, which means the player will be excluded for the rest of the game. In addition, he is automatically suspended for the next game.
  • A direct red card means exclusion for the rest of the game and at least for the next game. Depending on the seriousness of the offense the referee in consultation with the tournament committee may impose a heavier penalty.
  • Discussion of sanctions imposed is not allowed.

Other provisions

The cases where these regulations are not decided, the tournament committee wil decide.